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 Welcome back to the new school year after an extremely successful and productive 2019. Feel free to browse through our new website for news and other school related matters. We are still not fully completed but bear with us.

We have so many plans, initiatives and activites lined up for the year ahead (2020) to keep all of our pupils, parents and teachers on their toes. We are placing a strong emphasis on I.T. (with all classes from junior infants-6th class receiving 6 weeks of training in computer skills and digital literacy from a I.T. teacher over the course of the 2019-2020 year). We are also focusing on wellbeing and wellness as part of our SSE (School Self Evaluation) for 2019-2020. We will be looking to make improvements in the areas of school culture, being more active throughout the day and taking more responsibility for keeping our school environment neat and tidy ('As a team we will keep our school clean'). Of course we will have all of our subject areas to focus on as well as our after-school activites (Sport, Art, Drama, Orchestra and after-school lessons, Irish Dancing, Science Club, Spanish lessons, Chamber choir etc.) and field trips to keep us busy throughout the year ahead.

We are designating 2020 the year of Music, culture and the Arts. We have a huge variety of programmes planned. In January alone, we have engaged the services of The Mobile Music School to conduct 10 week lessons with 6 of our classes, The 'Moon and Sixpence' theatre company are visiting the school on the 9th and our 4th,5th and 6th class pupils are going to take part in confidence building/public speaking seminars on the 8th. Our newly formed chamber choir are going to take part in the Laudate Festival at the end of January as part of Catholic Schools' Week. Our school orchestra will kick off the 2020 season with their annual benefit concert in St. Peter's Church on the 1st of March (to be confimed). They will also take part in collaborations with other schools and will travel outside of Dublin for the first time this year. To cap off term 2, we are currently drafting a script for a whole school musical (in the run up to the Easter Holidays). The culmination of our year of Music and the Arts will be marked with a Gala Concert in St. Peter's Church on the 21st of November to mark 10 years of the strings' project in our school.  


                                                More details of different programmes will follow shortly-busy times ahead!!!!









The school that now stands on St Peter’s Road, adjacent to the famous Dalymount Park, did not begin on that road. At first situated in the crypt of the old church, it was Phibsborough’s first Catholic school and was set up to counter the influence of the four Protestant schools that existed in the area as well as to educate the poor children of the district. Founded by a group of concerned locals, its work in giving many of the city’s disadvantaged children a good start in life continues today. 

The original establishment in the crypt of the church predated the Vincentians when a committee made up of a group of locals founded it in 1822. In October that year work began on the site at the junction of the North Circular Road and New Cabra Avenue and in September 1826, the school opened for Catechism classes on Sundays. It expanded the following February when a schoolmaster was taken on and a day school was set up for poor boys and girls. Such was the demand in the area that within a few months there were 230 boys and 160 girls on the rolls.

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‘Maths for Fun’ is a fun and creative way of involving parents in their children’s learning. Research has shown that children learn Maths more effectively with the help of concrete materials and Maths-based games. 

How will it work? 
The class will be divided into small groups. One parent will work with a group, which will have a simple board-game, such as addition snap or snakes and ladders. The parent will be in charge of the same game for the six sessions and may take home the game beforehand to familiarize themselves with how it is played. 

You do not need to be a Maths genius to get involved! The games we use are colourful, fun board-games, based on adding and subtracting. 

This is a fantastic way to help your child to learn Maths and, while I understand how precious your time is, it won’t work without parents’ cooperation and commitment. 

The “Maths for Fun” programme started with the Senior Infant classes in November 2018 . The programme ran for four weeks with the pupils playing fun maths games based on number and capacity. Thanks to our Senior Infant teachers and parents for helping to make this programme such a great success. In the past 1st and 2nd classes also particpated in the programme.









'Science for Fun' has been running in St. Peter's N.S. for the past number of years. Pupils in 3rd and 4th classes are given an unique opportunity to enage in hands-on, exciting, amazing and interesting science experiments over the course of a three/four week period. The feedback from parents and pupils alike has always been extremely positive (hopefully we've inspired the future Einstein , Curie or Edison!!! )

Our ‘Science for Fun’ programme during term two (January-March 2019) is for the 3rd Classes. The sessions will run for three weeks. 

How will it work?

The class will be divided into small groups. Each parent will work with a group. All the parents will be conducting the same simple expermient with their group any given week. Each group of pupils will move around the classroom over the course of the three weeks so that they carry out three different experiments during the programme.









Our Shared reading programme has been up and running for the past number of years. It is vitally important that you, as parents, spend some time each week reading to and with your child (in the younger classes) and talking about (through questions and discussion) what your older children have read.  Each pupil has a Record Sheet that must be signed by a parent once you are satisfied that your child has read a book. Parental involvement plays a significant part in the progress of this programme and your child will develop a positive attitude towards reading as a result.

Shared Reading:
As you are aware, the school is currently operating a library system for the children, from which they can take a loan of books to read at their own pace at home. The school is also operating a Shared Reading programme from Senior Infants-6th Class. Our H.S.C.L. (Home School Community Liaison teacher) is trying to encourage all the pupils to read as often as they can and also checks how each pupil is progressing on a regular basis by looking at the pupils’ Shared Reading record sheets.

What we are asking of you is that once a week you ask your child to read aloud to you from the library book.  As the teachers are working on developing the children’s comprehension skills in the senior classes, we would also ask you to question your children about the books they are reading. 

Questions could include the following:

What is the book about?
Where is it set?
Do you like it?  Why/ why not?
Who is your favourite/ least favourite character?  Why?
What do you think will happen next?
Why do you think the character did/ said that?
How do you think the book will end?
If you were the author, what would you do differently?


These are only some questions to get you started.  The main purpose of the Shared Reading programme is to get the children thinking and talking about the book they are reading, so any questions which help them do that are the right questions to be asking.


Shared Reading Tips

What you need:
Books:        The child picks his/ her own book from school library
Time:          Any free 10-15 minutes during the day (no more than 15 minutes)
Place:         A quiet and comfortable place for both of you

It’s fun not work
Pick a time that suits both of you, when you are both relaxed
Praise your child for every effort                                 
It is completely informal

Some tips to help
•    The relaxed time might be after dinner or even the fifteen minutes before the child goes to bed.  Any time as long as you both are ready.
•    Do not ask your child to read during their favourite t.v. programme or during yours.
•    Talk about the title/ the cover/ what you think the story is about.
•    Sometimes your child might like to be read to or sometimes they might like reading to you.
•    You can alternate between you reading a paragraph and the child reading one too.
•    If the child struggles with a word tell him/her the word and allow him/ her to repeat it after you.
•    Ask questions occasionally i.e. when coming to the end of a page/ paragraph, keep with the natural flow of the reading.
•    Discuss the story is any ways you can think of:
o    Relate it to your own life or something that it reminds you/ them of.
    E.g. “that puppy sounds like our puppy”.

     “I heard of something like that happening to…”
o    What will happen next? What would you like to happen next?
o    Did you like it? Why/ Why not?
o    Who was your favourite character? What did you like about him/her?
o    What was your favourite part today?
o    If you were _______ what would you do?
o    Discuss what you have read so far.


Paired Reading Sheet     
When you have finished reading please comment on the piece you’ve just listened to/ read with your child on the Shared Reading sheet.  It need only be short comment whether you read or the child did or both or if you or the child enjoyed/ didn’t like it or if they found it difficult.  Please sign your name as well.  You could read for ten minutes and use the last five minutes for comments and discussion.

Shared Reading Parents' class visits:

Our annual ‘Shared Reading’ parents’ programme takes place just before Christmas every year. Parents of pupils in Junior and Senior Infant classes are invited into the school to share and read with the class. This programme has proved very successful in the past as it encourages the children to discover the joys of reading at a young age.

We are also in the process of setting up a special Shared Reading programme in Junior Infants called CAPER (Children and parents enjoy reading). Hopefully, our Junior Infant pupils will start to bring home books before or after the Easter holidays. They will be given a special CAPER record sheet to bring home with them. We will be asking parents to read to and with your child and fill in the record sheet when you have finished reading. The CAPER reading sheet will be signed by both the parent/guardian and the teacher on a regular basis


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