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St. Peter's National School, Phibsboro, Dublin

Staffing List-2022/2023


We are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful staff here in St. Peter’s NS. Below is a list of our staff members for the 2022/2023 school year. We wish all of our staff who have relocated or departed on career break for the 2022/2023 school year the best of luck. 


Mainstream class teachers:

1. Junior Infants- Mr. McConigley (AP2- SESE and IT), Ms. Danaher and Ms. Manning 

2. Senior Infants- Ms. Griffin, Ms. Gilmartin and Ms. Flanagan 

3. 1st Class- Ms. Doran and Ms. Brosnan

4. 2nd Class- Ms. Kirrane and Ms. Concannon

5. 3rd Class- Ms. Beirne and Ms. O’ Connor

6. 4th Class- Ms. Horan (AP1- Health and Safety/Drama) and Ms. McGrath (AP2- Senior Languages and Accelerated Reader)

7. 5th Class- Ms. Hughes (AP2- SPHE, school tours and mentors) and Ms. McKenna

8. 6th Class- Ms. Carroll (DP) and Ms. Gavaghan


Supply panel teachers for 2022/2023 school year:

  1. Ms. Keating 
  2. Ms. McCormack
  3. Mr. Daly
  4. Ms. Mulcahy
  5. Mr. Geoghegan

SEN (Special Educational Needs) staff:

 1. Ms. McCann
 2. Ms. Mitchell (AP2- Junior languages, assessment and SWAY newsletter) and Ms. Walsh (job share)

 3. Ms. Reilly- sub maternity- Ms. Clarke from October '22

 4. Ms. O' Brien (AP1- SENCO and Visual Arts)

 5. Ms. McCreanor (AP2- Music, Green Schools and School website)

 6. Ms. Dignam

 7. Ms. Coleman



HSCL (Home School Community Liaison) co- ordinator:

Ms. Vaughan (AP2- School Lunches, Attendance and Religion (RE))



  1. Ms. S Robinson (Senior SNA)
  2. Ms. D. kenny 
  3. Ms. H Rosaldo
  4. Ms. R Connolly
  5. Mr. P Brogan


  1. Ms. C Weir (full- time secretary)
  2. Mr. D. Quinn (full- time caretaker)
  3. Ms. Martina Brown (cleaner) 
  4. Ms. Glenda Shannon (Hot lunches operations manager)

Outside Community teachers/coaches/chaplain/community guard:

1. Ciara (Strings’ Tutor)

2. Brian (GAA Coach)

3. Vlad (UCD Handball) (Olympic Handball Coach)

4. Gavin Molloy (IT teachers from Cocoon IT/Olus Education)

5. Garda Deirdre O Connor (Community Garda)

6. Fr. Eamonn Devlin CM (Parish Priest)