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English as an Additional Language (EAL) Learners

Tips for English as an Additonal Language (E.A.L) Learners 

There are lots of activities that you can do at home with your child to help develop their English language.

  • Develop Oral Language
    • Encourage your child to name objects found in the house in English (e.g. I Spy, Scavenger Hunt)
    • Guessing game: Allow your child to describe an object to you without saying its name and try to figure it out.
    • Conversations: “How are you?, what did you do today?, Do you like……?, etc.
  • Reading
    • for online reading (ask teachers to set this up)
    • Online read along on Youtube – search ‘Read-Along Books with Highlighted Words.’
    • Here are some suggested titles:

The Three Little Pigs –

The Gingerbread Man –

Goldilocks and the Three Bears –

  • Writing
    • Encourage your child to write a list of all the English words they know (foods, clothes, body parts, etc.)
    • Write a sentence about a picture. (this can be their own picture or one chosen for them.)
    • Practice writing letters and words using other materials (sand, water, playdough, strings/shoelaces, etc.)

Useful websites and apps:

Online picture books/audio books:,

  • Phonics/word building on Youtube: search ‘Alphablocks’
  • Twinkl (free to parents) visual and interactive activities for EAL: search ‘EAL’ (Create an account to access resources)
  • Fun and creative apps such as ‘Duolingo’, ‘Babbel’ can be downloaded through App stores. Ideal for learning words and phrases.

EAL (English as an Additional Language) Tips for parents