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St. Peter's National School, Phibsboro, Dublin 7

ICT and digital learning

Using ICT (Information and Communications Technology) describes the ability to handle and communicate information, solve problems, pose questions and be creative through the use of technology.

The focus on Using ICT means that pupils should have opportunities to transfer their knowledge, understanding and skills in a variety of meaningful contexts across the curriculum. This includes:

collaborating inside and outside the classroom;

sharing and exchanging work; and

exhibiting and showcasing their learning.

Within our school, every classroom has an interactive whiteboard and use of both I-pads and laptops. We have recently purchased an additional 20 I-pads to complement the 40 already in school. We have also purchased a set of google Chromebooks (to aid touch typing and project-based research). These devices will help support whole class teaching and increases engagement in lessons. The use of ICT provides a positive learning experience for the children, by supplying a safety net for promoting experimentation, investigation and creativity. It is our aim to make learning truly engaging and fun for the children in order to broaden their learning experience and meet the needs of the new generation of children. 


Cyber safety workshops online


Cyber safety pupils webinar and parents webinar  

 Ms. O’ Brien (SPHE co- ordinator) organised a webinar in relation to cyber safety for all pupils from 3rd to 6th class. The parents will also have a tailormade webinar which will be at 7pm(2nd of Dec for 3rd/4th class parents and 3rd Dec for 5th/6th class parents).  

Each of these classes will take part in a 40 minute session according to the following timetable:  

Day 1 (Weds 2ndDec)  

Ms. Kelly 3rd class @ 9.05-9.45am 

Ms. Ms.Hand 3rd class @ 9.50-10.30am 

Ms. Currams 4th class  @ 10.55 - 11.35am 

Ms. Carr 4th class @11.40-12.20 

Parents webinar - 7pm 

Day 2 (Thurs 3rdDec)  

Ms. Carroll 6th class @ 9.05-9.45am 

Mr. McHugh 6th class @  9.50- 10.30am 

Ms. Hughes 5th class  @ 10.55 - 11.35am 

Ms. Horan  5th class  @ 11.40-12.20 

 HOMEWORK FOR ALL PUPILS:  Before the sessions, the company asks that all pupils fill in an short online survey about their online behaviour, which will allow them to tailor the sessions accordingly. All responses are anonymous and should take 1-2 minutes per pupil to complete. It can be done in school or the link can be sent home to parents  please click here: S This link will be sent on the parents email but please remind children to do this survey and possibly assign it for homework to ensure it is done.   

 Some additional information about the webinar:  

• It is an interactive workshop designed to protect and empower children. 

• Each session is targeted to the appropriate age group and is focused on equipping children with core digital literacy skills (including understanding how to navigate social media, messaging apps, gaming, how to protect personal data and their digital footprint, healthy balance, online reputation and cyberbullying). 

• Children will be asked to fill in a short, anonymous survey, which enables the talk provider to tailor a bespoke and unique talk, based on their specific online usage and behaviours.  

• The school will receive a full report post-session 

Parents Webinar:  

Information on protecting and empowering children in the online world – Parents of children aged 8-13 

·         The talk will include a section on parental controls and settings on the most popular devices and phones. 

·         Gives an overview of the main risks on social media, messaging apps, and gaming.  

·         Aims to make parents aware of what children are doing online and offer support. 

·         There are two parent webinars:  

3rd + 4th class parents 

Weds 2nd Dec @7pm. 

5th + 6th class parents 

Thursday 3rd Dec @7pm