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St. Peter's National School, Phibsboro, Dublin 7

Staffing List-2023/24


We are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful staff here in St. Peter’s NS. Below is a list of our staff members for the 2023/24 school year. We wish all of our staff who have relocated or departed on career break for the 2023/24 school year the best of luck. 

School Principal: Mr Raymond Ryan 

AP1/2- Assistant Principal 1/2

Mainstream class teachers:

1. Junior Infants- Mr. McConigley (AP2- SESE and IT teacher devices (including STEAM), Ms. Kirrane and Ms. O'Driscoll

2. Senior Infants- Ms. Concannon, Ms. Tierney and Ms. McCabe

3. 1st Class- Ms. Doran (AP2-Numeracy and IT-pupil devices including STEAM) and Ms. Dignam 

4. 2nd Class- Ms. Oliver (acting AP2 for Ms. McCreanor) and Ms. Beirne

5. 3rd Class- Ms. Brosnan and Ms. O’ Connor

6. 4th Class- Ms. McGrath (AP2- Senior Languages and Accelerated Reader) and Ms. Carley

7. 5th Class-Ms. Horan (AP1- Health and Safety/Drama) and Ms. McDermott

8. 6th Class- Ms. Carroll (Deputy Principal) and Ms.Hughes (AP2- SPHE, school tours and mentors)


Supply panel teachers for 2023/2024 school year: 

  1. Ms. McCormack 
  2. Ms. McKenna


SEN (Special Educational Needs) staff:

 1. Ms. McCann

 2. Ms. Mitchell (AP2- Junior languages, assessment and SWAY newsletter) 

 3. Ms. O' Brien (AP1- SENCO and Visual Arts) and Ms. Walsh (job share)

 4. Ms. McCreanor (AP2- Music, Green Schools and School website)

 5. Ms. Mulcahy

6. Ms. Carr

7. Ms. Griffin (shared SET)


HSCL (Home School Community Liaison) co- ordinator:

Ms. Vaughan (AP2- School Lunches, Attendance and Religion)



  1. Ms. S Robinson (Senior SNA)
  2. Ms. D. Kenny 
  3. Ms. H Rosaldo
  4. Ms. R Connolly
  5. Mr. P Brogan



  1. Ms. C Weir (full- time secretary)
  2. Mr. D. Quinn (full- time caretaker)
  3. Ms. Martina Brown (cleaner) 
  4. Ms. Glenda Shannon (Hot lunches operations manager)


Outside Community teachers/coaches/chaplain/community guard:

  1. Ciara (Strings’ Tutor)
  2. Paula (Drama Tutor)

3.  Brian (GAA Coach)

4. Mr. Kinahan (Taekwondo coach) 

5. Vlad (UCD Handball) (Olympic Handball Coach)

6. Gavin Molloy (IT teachers from Cocoon IT/Olus Education)

7. Garda Mairéad Egan (Community Garda)

8.  Fr. Eamonn Devlin CM (Parish Priest)